Hello and thank you for coming.
I am Ian Waterman, I have been taking images for many years, but in the last few years have become serious about it.
This site show cases some of my favourite images. As you may notice I have a leaning towards Black & White images. Call me old fashioned wonderful as the internet and websites can be I still love the look and feel of a large print in my hands. If you are of the internet generation try looking at some big prints, i opens your eyes to what digital cameras are really capable of.
I am mainly a Nikon user and a bit of a equipment freak, but these days find myself more interested in the image than the equipment. Thanks to Protech Repairs for the infrared conversion to Nikon D800.
I have a wide range of interests and love trying new stuff.
If you have any questions about images on the site please feel free to use the contact page.
Thanks again for visiting, please enjoy the images.

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