Since retiring in 2023 I have been getting back into wildlife photography. More recently water birds. Connaught Water is lake in Epping Forest near Chingford, inhabited by Joggers, Dog Walkers. people out to enjoy the air and Birds.
I wanted to get coots fighting shots but they are seemingly more pacifist these days, but some success also working on birds in flight.  

Almost dance like

Not messing about with those feet

Kicking up the spray

Wins by a length

On the eggs

Cute, not sure?

Canada Geese in flight

OK the end of the Canada Geese

Long distance shot to nesting Heron chicks

This nest was close ish  about 20 years away chick fluff just visible

Under mums beady eye. far off nest

Love the scraggy neck on view

Feeding time

Punk is not dead

make it look so easy


Lovely light

It was that big

Coming in to land

Working on flight shots

Their colours are amazing

Same place every day, was about my fifth visit before I saw it move

Visit 12 it moved again

So I took full advantage

Greylag in flight

Family Outing

Chases off visitors. only swan on the lake, got to Eagle Ponds and there are dozens

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