Past Its Prime.  I love the imperfection, not the perfect specimen

Focus Stacked image 30 shots. I love the detail recorded. Again the way it has been damaged appeals

Another focus stack of 20 images, Love the detail sharp from back to front. Again it has been nibbled

I love the way they grow from the least expected places.

The focus stacking is new to me but I am impressed

An Amethyst Deceiver, if I have it right. The cup is about 1.5cm wide

I love the detail of the web and the water droplets

Hadn't noticed the three spiders when I took it

Its the single water drop I think that makes it

Bracket Fungus, reminds me of English Oysters

Puff ball Cluster

The Gills are so delicate

Each less than 1cm wide

Fly Agaric, Only found the one 

Autumn summed up in the colours

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